Free the DC Universe

Just finished watching Batman vs Superman. The movie, which is supposed to keep one on the edge of the seat, made me fall asleep in between. Twice! The movie about an epic battle between two epic super heroes, about setting up a foundation for Justice League, about introduction of Lex Luthor – is a snooze fest! (That’s two exclamation marks in 3 sentences, imagine my anger.)

The plot holes are unsurmountable – greatest detective of all time spends two years trying to uncover every soft spot in his enemy but doesn’t find out that his nemesis’ mother has the same name as his mother? And this fact somehow converts¬†Superman, threat to humanity in the eyes of Batman, into BFF? How did Alfred know that he needs to track the Russian assassin? And all those plot holes are in 3 minutes of a 3 hour long movie.

Zack Snyder has done a really bad job of trying to move the plot along – mostly through dream sequences that make no sense. Critical information is not conveyed because everyone watching the movie is supposed to be familiar with comics. It even goes on to destroy the Batman legacy that Nolan painstakingly created (this Batman has no morals about use of guns or branding).

And after all this shit, who is allowing Zack to write Wonder Woman and direct Justice League after Rise of Empire, Man of Steel, and this movie? Fans are crying bloody murder and critics are panning the movies. Is Kevin Tsujihara getting paid for just showing up and napping in office or does he actually look¬†at movies that Warner Bros is producing? I bet the first man you find on streets of LA can do a better job of running the studio at this point in time. (If you don’t believe me, may I remind you of the Hobbit series?)

Zack and Keivn please just retire and give DC universe a fighting chance.