Here we go again!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to revive this website. So installed WordPress, uploaded my old theme and … kaput! It rendered horribly; after all it was written more than 3 years ago. So, I took a quick detour to catch-up on WP codex. I was surprised (pleasantly) how much WP has improved – structure, standard, security, support – on all counts. Kudos to the WP team and community.

I threw out the old theme and wrote one from scratch. It is still work in progress, as most thing always are, but it is in good enough shape to be used for the blog. Updates to theme – with aim to keep it light, clean, and responsive – and new blogposts – with aim to entertain, share, and discuss – will happen. Hopefully more frequently than every 3 years. *fingers crossed*

Here is to new beginnings.