Weeding the Old

When Apple first removed the CD slot, there was a huge hue and cry about it – “How are we going to load large amounts of data/video/game on our laptops?” people asked. This is not courage… this is stupidity, they said. Apple, of course, gave zero f***s about the noise and just kept moving along. Today, show me a laptop that comes with a CD rom.

Same shit is going on over headphone jacks today.

Until few years back, carrying a AUX cable was the norm. How else are you going to connect your phone to car, home surround sound system, and portable speakers! I don’t remember touching a an AUX cable in last 12 months. Music plays over bluetooth! It is literally that simple. The only time I have used headphone jack on phone is when I am on a flight and using noise-cancellation headphones.

Apple has always been the first to abandon a dying technology. Weeding out outdated tech helps keep product simple!

So keep your sanity and voice, stop screaming bloody murder, and go get a bluetooth headphone (just like I will). Because your beloved Macbook will be next to give up its headphone jack.